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skyline-future asked: For the goalie again that wanted to know about the corner shots I've just got into the habit of touching my post on the but with a slightly bent are so "getting your angles" like if you've been a goalie for a while you'll know about the arch you move in and when touching your post and moving in an arch motion it's a ton easier and being close to the corner means they have to shoot cross cage and you have that covered! Good luck

Anonymous asked: You asked for funny water polo stories ? So, after a big game against a really violent team ( u16 girls ,im 13) , i had lots of scratches on my arms and legs but when i went to change , i noticed i had bruises covering my boobs because one of the girls grabbed them and , well i had her fingers marked on my boobs for days ...

HAHAHAH there are many parts to the game…

Anonymous asked: Hey! Any funny water polo stories?

Wayyyy too many. I think a good one is, there was this girl on my team, and one of the girls was holding her suit, and the ref wouldn’t call it. So, she tread up and screamed “my boob is out”…which def got the refs attention hahah.

But, I also think this is super funny :)image

Anyone have any funny/embarrassing/amazing stories??

Anonymous asked: Hi, I'm a swimmer and I am considering doing water polo next year because I did a camp and I loved it. My only problem is that I am afraid that it will jeopardize my swimming and I also don't know how to tell my current swim coach that I want to play. Any advice?

Hi there! I am SO glad you are joining water polo, because let’s face it, it is kinda the mostfabulousmarvelousbestsportinthehistoryofforever. I’m going to start with the fact that you swim about 2 miles in every water polo game. So, in order to not be dead at the end of the game (or less dead I think may be more realistic), you will be swimming a LOT at practice. I’m not even kidding I have experienced this before: image

So, I don’t really think it will compromise your swimming. Now, about your coach. You could approach it in 2 ways. I think you could approach it almost as a one sided question, like “Hey, so I tried doing water polo, and I really liked it, so I going to take the season off, okay?” <-if that’s what you want to do, I’m not really sure the intent of the question. Or, you could say it affirmatively, like “Hey, so I joined the water polo team, so I won’t be doing this season, but I’ll stay in shape” That’s what I would do, at least, I know my coach is pretty chill but I know others that are kinda hardasses. Does anyone else have any tips??

Here was a tip from skyline-future:

i play water polo and have been playing for the past 4 years and i think seriously you’ll be in some ways a lot fitter and stronger then you are when you just do straight swimming. your coach may be someone you look up to of what ever but he/she does not control your future and you shouldn’t be scared of talking to them about joining another sport, if your coach was a real coach they would be completely supportive and encourage you to do the things you have a passion for.

scernst3 asked: Actually I'm a goalie, my coach always tells me to react and don't anticipate, also watch where you are in relation to the goal too. If you are too far out its an easy lob over you, but if you are too far in then its harder to cover the net. The other thing that helps is having defense back you up and staying confident.

thanks so much!